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  Our Curriculum provides the following subjects:

RELIGION: Following the norms of the National Catechetical Directory, the content of our daily religion program includes a love for God, people and all of creation through prayer, doctrine, liturgy, scripture, Bible services and Christian service. Christian values rooted in the Gospel are highlighted in all subjects. Students are encouraged to live these values by acting responsibly and by being accountable for the gifts God has given them. Each class participates as lecterns in prayer services and liturgies though out the year.

SACRAMENTS: Sacraments are parish celebrations. Readiness is the primary norm for the reception of each sacrament. St. Catherine Parish, in consultation with the Diocese of Paterson, has designated seven years of age (second grade) as the normative age for the celebration of First Eucharist. The church norm for the Sacrament of Reconciliation is prior to First Eucharist. However, St. Catherine's respects the rights of children and parents to request celebration of any sacraments at an earlier or later age depending upon the readiness of the child.

LITURGY: At least once a month our students participate in a school-wide prayer service, penance service, or Eucharistic celebration. Each class has the opportunity to prepare and conduct one of the celebrations.

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Math: Basic Math K - 8, Pre Algebra And Algebra (Grades 7 & 8) - The emphasis in our Math program is the mastery of basic skills and application of these skills in problem solving

Social Studies: Learning about others (their culture, economic status, geographic surroundings, governments and work) fosters understanding and sensitivity toward people around the world. Social Studies is taught in grades 1 through 8, with special emphasis on US History in grades 7 and 8. Grade 4 concentrates on New Jersey.

Science:  The science program includes experimentation with the use of our portable labs, along with research projects in conjunction

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Language Arts including Spelling and Handwriting (K-3) : Students receive instruction daily in basic grammar and its application. They are encouraged to think critically and express their ideas verbally as well as in creative writing. Writing skills are an integral part of all subjects.

              HANDWRITING: Formal writing skills are taught in grades Kindergarten through the eighth grade. Handwriting is considered and weighed in all written work.

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  LIBRARY/Multimedia Center: Students have the opportunity to use library facilities independently or when classes are scheduled weekly for research, borrowing books, reading for pleasure, and story telling. The library contains reference books , audio-visuals, computers complete with internet access, plus other materials to enhance the educational program.
Our library has a bar-coding system for borrowing books and an electronic card catalog.

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Reading (all grades) and Phonics (k-3)- Kindergarten through eighth grade use the Scotts Foresman Series. Since each child learns differently, the phonetic, sight, and kinesthetic approaches to reading are utilized.

World Languages: Spanish (k -7)  Students receive instruction once a week in Spanish.

Computer Skills:  Our students receive computer skills instruction once a week. Our library has 5 computers for student research and each classroom has at least 2 computers for student resource and skills practice. Each student is required to sign an Internet Use Contract. St. Catherine School has developed a 3 year Technology Plan. All of our teachers and office staff are computer literate at different levels from basic to advanced.

ART: The Art Program consists of instruction in different media and materials. Drawing: pencil, charcoal, crayons, markers, ink; teaching 1 and 2 pt. perspective, value, texture, spatial relationships and proportion. Painting: watercolor, tempera ink wash, acrylics; teaching color theory, mixing and brush techniques. Sculpture: clay, plaster, wire, assemblage, "found materials;" teaching realism and abstraction in 3-D. Crafts, & Graphic Arts.

MUSIC: Each class receives one period of music instruction per week. The children are taught basic theory and music appreciation. In addition, the opportunity is given for group singing and liturgical preparation. Music instruction on various instruments is available. Grades three, four and five may join choir (students in grades 3 -5) and Chorale (Students in grade 6 - 8).  Each year all of our students participate in the annual Spring Show and Christmas Concert.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: The Physical Education program is a State requirement and is a vital part of the curriculum. Every child participates in one gym period per week. Directed physical fitness activities, skill development, and organized games are all incorporated in the program and promote a sense of good sportsmanship.

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